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Conservative ‘Secession’ Blindsides Democrats – U.S. Senator Is Furious with Neighboring State’s Big Move

What’s Happening:

I don’t have to tell you just how radical blue states are becoming. But you might not realize that even in liberal states, there are many conservative Americans. They feel powerless because a few big cities are able to overrule their votes. What are Americans to do, when they are being ignored?

Many have fled West Coast liberal states to relocate to red states. But some have other plans. One conservative state has an idea to help some of its neighbors out. This plan could avoid hurdles that normally come with big changes like this. And one senator, fearing losing big bucks, is freaking out.

From Fox News:

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., over the weekend spoke out against a campaign to have the rural eastern part of his home state of deep-blue Oregon effectively secede and join more conservative Idaho…

…a resolution is making its way through the Idaho Legislature that wouldn’t move the Idaho-Oregon border but rather call for formal talks between the states’ legislatures about relocating the boundary line.

Oh, wow. Idaho is pushing a movement to pass a bill that will allow the state to discuss relocating the boundary line between itself and far-left Oregon. This move would welcome rural, conservative portions of Oregon into the state of Idaho. This would bypass the traditional move of secession, which would require approval from Congress.

Sen. Merkley is freaking out and has spoken out against this plan. Why does he care? These rural counties in Oregon don’t vote for him. They are made up of mostly conservative Americans who want nothing to do with Portland and other left-wing cities along the coast.

But it is possible Merkley fears a drop in tax revenue, should these counties join Idaho. Not to mention a drop in population that would result in a loss of federal aid and seats in Congress. Merkley and his Democrats rely on support from these counties, even though voters are being ignored.

Can this movement actually work? Never say never. As blue states become increasingly hostile to traditional American values, Americans will only push back harder. Democrats have made it their goal, it seems, to wipe out everything conservatives hold dear. It’s not crazy to believe enough momentum will make this move a reality.

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But the “great resorting” that is taking place now might result in more than just people moving from one state to another. It could result in entire borders being “resorted.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Idaho is pushing to pass a bill that will let them relocate their border with Oregon.
  • Democrat Sen. Merkley spoke out against this move, fearing the loss of counties.
  • Most of Oregon is conservative, but their votes are ignored thanks to big, blue cities.

Source: Fox News

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