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‘Full House’ Actress Bure Scores Major Victory – She Wins 2 Major Awards for Family Movie, Speaks Out on Faith

What’s Happening:

The woke knives came out for Candace Cameron Bure, but the conservative Christian actress is finally getting her due.

Bure has been in the headlines recently for leaving Hallmark and  becoming the new Chief Content Officer of the Great American Family media company, as well as starring in their movies.

The liberal media came out against her for standing up for traditional marriage, but Bure stood up to their attacks. And she’s finally getting some significant recognition.From the Washington Examiner:

“Our first movie out of the gate, A Christmas… Present and we won Best Family Television from @MovieGuide Awards,” Bure said, sharing her excitement on Instagram.

Bure also won the Grace Award for “most inspired performance” in A Christmas… Present.

Candace Cameron Bure celebrated her 2023 Movieguide Awards wins, thanking GAC Media for being “unashamed to share scripture and the name of Jesus on cable television.”

Candace is a wonderful example of a conservative the Left targeted to cancel, but by sheer force of will and depth of character, she beat them back.

Thankfully a great actress who believes in wholesome, traditional values has found a place to tell wonderful stories to the American people.

I’m sure Candace couldn’t have imagined what life would look like after her days on the original ‘Full House’ set. It’s been quite a roller coaster for her as she took part in other series, but also took a significant break to raise her children.

Now that the Full House reboot thrust her back into the Hollywood limelight, it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone with strong convictions stand up to the worldly industry and strike out on a path all her own.

Hopefully, she will be an inspiration to many other conservatives who will have to stand up to the woke mob to defend America’s traditional values.

Key Takeaways:

  • Candace Cameron Bure won 2 major awards at the MovieGuide Awards.
  • The conservative actress has come under attack by the media, but she has stood her ground.

Source: Washington Examiner

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