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After AOC Loses It on the House Floor – Republicans Score Major Victory with ‘Parents Bill of Rights’

What’s Happening:

It’s only right for schools to tell parents what they are teaching their kids, isn’t it? Or, if a school is encouraging children to “transition” their genders, the first people to be notified should be their parents, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, if you do, you would be flying in the face of Democrats in Congress. Republicans proposed a law that would require schools to actually communicate with students’ parents. This outraged some of these commies so badly, they melted down.


Wow. So it’s “fascist” to require schools to actually tell parents what they are teaching kids? I guess anything you don’t like these days can be called “fascist” and you can just cancel it out, huh? But Republicans were not deterred from voting on this critical bill. But they do so, without a single Democrat’s support.

From Fox News:

The House voted to pass the Parents Bill of Rights Act on Friday over objections from Democrats who argued the bill is aimed at promoting “fascism” and “extreme” views of Republicans by making it easier for parents to ban books and out LBGTQ+ students…

House Republicans reacted by approving the Parents Bill of Rights Act, which would require school districts to give parents access to curriculum and reading lists and would require schools to inform parents if school staff begin encouraging or promoting their child’s gender transition.

This is really unthinkable. Every Democrat voted against a bill that would protect parents’ rights at public schools. Just look at what the bill requires: schools have to provide parents with the curriculum and reading lists given to children.

Um… aren’t schools doing this already? It’s scary to think Democrats don’t want parents knowing what their kids are being taught. Probably because Democrats know, if parents knew what was being taught, they’d oppose it.

But it gets even more shocking. The bill also requires schools to notify parents if teachers are promoting transgenderism. Yeah, that’s a pretty serious thing. Schools should in no way be encouraging children to embrace transgenderism.

For schools to be doing this and not telling parents? That is unacceptable. Yet Democrats refused to back this bill calling it “fascist.”

Are you kidding me? Democrats want to manipulate children behind their parents’ backs. But those Democrats won’t be around when those children suffer from the fallout of these reckless decisions (like changing your gender). Do you want to know who will have to pick up the pieces? The parents.

Yet Democrats don’t even want to give parents the decency of knowing their children are being exposed to this kind of ideology. That is not only un-American, it is downright immoral.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats opposed a bill that requires schools to tell parents what they are teaching children.
  • AOC and other leftists called the bill fascist, because it protected parents’ rights.
  • Not a single Democrat voted for the bill, despite it putting families first.

Source: Twitter, Fox News

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