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Alan Dershowitz Breaks Silence on Trump Case – The Legendary Lawyer Says It’s Cut and Dry

What’s Happening:

The nation is in an uproar over the news that Donald Trump might be indicted by New York Democrats. Liberals across the country are probably giddy with the thought that their biggest enemy (a man who helped Americans thrive) could go to jail. Republicans–and anyone with a brain–are outraged over this obvious attempt at interfering with the 2024 Election.

News has come out that the DA is pushing their possible arrest to next week. It’s unclear if these Democrats can even arrest Trump, even if they have the grounds to do so. But one legendary legal expert is giving his view of the matter. And this man is shutting the case down for good.

From Fox Business:

“In 60 years of practicing criminal law, I have never seen a worse abuse of prosecutorial discretion,” Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said…

“Here, there was no crime. They had to make it up. They had to combine a non-existent state misdemeanor, which is beyond the statute of limitations to a federal felony, which was not prosecuted by the federal government, also beyond the statute of limitations… That just isn’t the way American justice works and everybody should protest this,” Dershowitz said.

Alan Dershowitz, noted lawyer and Constitutional expert (not to mention formerly a Harvard professor) blasted the left’s “case” against Trump. He said this was the “worse abuse of prosecutorial discretion” he’s seen in 60 years of practicing law.

Dershowitz explained that the DA is cooking up charges that are not lawful. The story is that Democrats will arrest Trump over the supposed hush money paid by his lawyer to Stormy Daniels. So far, we’ve seen no evidence that Trump authorized this payment.

But that doesn’t change the fact that, according to Dershowitz, no crime was committed. He said that this was a non-existent state misdemeanor. Aside from that, the statute of limitations for a federal felony has already passed.

It seems, from many standpoints, the DA has no case against Trump. Yet it hasn’t stopped word from reaching us that these obviously politically motivated radical leftists will try to arrest him.

Many experts have criticized the DA’s case against Trump. Since 2020, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has searched for evidence of a crime to pin on Trump. Several prosecutors quit when they learned they found nothing.

But DA Bragg pushed ahead, apparently eager to make a name for himself. But it looks like he might damage his credibility with yet-another bogus charge against Trump. Perhaps he has delayed arrest, until his team can actually find a law Trump’s broken.

If they do end up trying to arrest Trump next week, we’ll see how fast the judge throws this case out.

Unless, of course, they find an Obama appointee to oversee it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Legal expert Alan Dershowitz slammed the case against Donald Trump.
  • He said it was the worst abuse of prosecutorial discretion he’s ever seen.
  • Dershowitz explained Trump has broken no laws and the DA has no case.

Source: Fox Business

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