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Supreme Court Praying Coach Gets Unexpected Victory – He Never Thought He Would Get Such a Large Settlement

What’s Happening:

I don’t have to tell you that Democrats nationwide have gone to war with our liberties. You probably encountered the thought police, woke liberals telling you what you can or can’t say. But it’s much worse than that. In colleges and schools, teachers and even students can’t even exercise their religious liberties.

A man named Joe Kennedy was actually fired as head coach of a high school in Washington. His crime? Prayer on the school’s football field. Something past generations of Americans wouldn’t have thought twice about is now a crime to the woke left. Kennedy took his case to the highest authorities in the land–and won. Now, he is receiving a major boost.

From The Western Journal:

The Bremerton, Washington, school board just got a reason to respect the First Amendment.

Two million reasons, actually. That’s the dollar amount of a settlement with Joe Kennedy, the high school coach who lost his job seven years ago for praying on the football field. Kennedy sued and won — all the way up to the level of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wow. Joe Kennedy was awarded $2 million from the city of Bremerton, Washington over their violation of his First Amendment rights. The court also ordered the school to give him back his job and pay his legal fees of $1.77 million.

But on top of that, he is getting a cool $2 million. Not too bad.

This should be a painful reminder to the city–and any liberal group–that violating Americans’ rights doesn’t pay. The city is facing this heavy rebuke, because it went out of its way to attack the rights of a man protected by the Constitution.

Will the school learn this lesson? Probably, unless they want to pay out more to another person. But we don’t think the rest of the liberal elite will get the message. All over America, leftists exert their influence to silence Americans.

They bully, intimidate, and harass anyone who does not agree with their Stalinist message. Anyone of faith, anyone who is right of center, is their enemy. And the threat of a costly lawsuit isn’t enough for them to respect our rights.

The only solution is for every American to stand up for their rights. We are protected by the Bill of Rights, guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, and much more. Anyone who dares take away those freedoms will pay a high price.

Key Takeaways:

  • The city that fired a coach for praying was forced to pay him $2 million.
  • The city also had to give Joe Kennedy back his job and pay his legal fees.
  • This comes as many city-level Democrats try to shut down the First Amendment.

Source: The Western Journal

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