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After Pentagon Erases Names from Ranger Memorial – America’s Heroes Take a Powerful Stand

The “woke” movement is nationwide and it affects every agency, institution, and branch of the government. As many are aware, that includes the U.S. military.

The drive to erase the past continues in various forms, such as removing statues and monuments, and renaming schools, airports, and other public venues.

However, when the Army bowed to this agenda and erased names on a Ranger Memorial, retired heroes decided to fight back.

If you weren’t aware, Congress created a group called the “Naming Commission,” and they are ordered to seek out symbols, buildings, or equipment that might seem to commemorate the Confederacy.

Recently, Fort Benning’s Col. Colin Mahle complied with a recommendation from this Naming Commission, and moved to cover or erase certain names on a Ranger Memorial.

The decided the names were Confederate names and should be removed from the Memorial. But retired Big. Gen Joseph Stringham – Chairman of the National Ranger Memorial Foundation – wasn’t happy with the decision. And other Rangers chimed in as well:

Via The Daily Caller:

Not only did the commission dishonor the Rangers commemorated, but hiding the names denies free expression of those who contributed to the memorial for the sake of political clout, retired Rangers told the DNCF.

‘It’s disgraceful. I think it’s foolish because it covers up history,’ Retired Ranger 1st Lt. Richard Fincher, who served in the 101st Airborne Division and has a target stone in the memorial, told the DCNF.

‘Recognizing the valor and leadership of a foe does not constitute the endorsement of their cause.’

The names in question: Col. John S. Mosby and “the names of all Confederates” located on paver stones on the Ranger Memorial Walk.

However, Stringham said in a letter that at least two of these names shouldn’t be removed, citing “inaccuracies, (stupid) interpretations, injustices to survivors and a strong political slant.

As one example, Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan was actually incorrectly identified as Confederate Brig. John Hunt Morgan.

On top of that, Col. Mosby, while on the Confederate side, also opposed slavery and even supported Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s presidential bid. These are facts we’re supposed to just ignore, it seems

Mike Simpson, who served under Stringham in the 1st Ranger Battalion between ’84 and ’88, added:

I specifically remember being taught about the leadership and strategy of Col. Mosby, whose courage and innovation was the envy of both allies and adversaries alike.

The senior Ranger [non-commissioned officer] who taught me about Mosby, and who praised his prowess as a Ranger and officer, was an African American who was raised in the deep south during segregation and who had fought in a Ranger Company in Vietnam.

Both Morgan and Mosby have contributed greatly to military history, and are part of the Ranger Handbook’s history section.

Simpson said that as a young recruit, he was taught that “Ranger history was one of the most important things about our identity as a Regiment.”

Even so, none of this seems to have any impact on the tidal wave of wokeness that’s covering the entire nation. Facts about certain individuals are simply being brushed aside.

William Thibeau is an Army Ranger veteran and senior fellow at the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life. And he had this to say:

Until this egregious whitewash of history, Rangers of the modern era stood on the shoulders of this legacy, not to blindly affirm everything, but to fulfill the Ranger Creed and the Charter to which every Army Ranger pledges his life.

But now, it’s also about politics and the woke mission to erase history.

It’s also important to note that the Ranger Memorial operates via contributions from donors.

If those who wish to support our country’s heroes and America’s history don’t agree with the current regime, that means they’re not allowed to recognize the past…?

It often feels as if the left doesn’t merely want us to improve and grow; they want to erase every aspect of our past, because everything that happened before the 21st century was apparently evil and bad.

Erasing history is the first step any totalitarian and fascist government takes, by the way. We probably shouldn’t forget that.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Army demanded that several names be erased from a Ranger Memorial.
  • This caused immediate backlash from retired Rangers, who claim that it’s a “disgraceful” and an “egregious whitewash of history.”
  • They say the “woke” agenda is purposely ignoring many other facts and facets concerning the Rangers in question.

Source: The Daily Caller

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