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Judge Delivers Unexpected Trump Ruling – Moments After Biden Slip, Donald Hit with Gag Order

What’s Happening:

Democrats are panicking after the latest ABC poll shows Joe Biden losing to Trump by a whopping seven points. With only a year before the big day, Joe does not have enough time to win over voters. Heck, he had two years to impress Americans–but he wasted them tanking our economy!

Now, Democrats are ratcheting up their scheme to ensure Trump can’t win 2024.

Most Americans believe this “indictment” against Trump is politically motivated. Democrats are twisting New York state law to make supposed minor charges into felonies. Even legal experts claim this case holds no water. But Democrats continue to exploit our legal system to give them an upper hand in the election.

From The Post Millennial:

President Donald Trump has been banned by a New York judge from posting on social media concerning evidence in a criminal case related to alleged hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels…

Biden remains free to discuss the allegations made in the case against his potential opponent, but the gag order leaves Trump unable to respond.

Uh… so much for the First Amendment, huh? The liberal judge overseeing this case has banned Trump from discussing evidence on social media–or anywhere else for that matter. This is shocking, considering Trump is a former president currently running for re-election.

This means he won’t be able to clear his name before the voting public, during the trial. Many voters might be turned off by this indictment and Trump won’t be able to explain why he’s innocent… in a system where he’s supposedly innocent until proven guilty.

Not only that, but the judge will allow him to see only a “limited” portion of the evidence against him. That is unusual, as a defendant has the right to know what prosecutors are accusing him of.

I guess when Democrats are in charge, all our rights go out the window. The left will do whatever it takes to give themselves the upper hand. Even if that means desecrating the very laws they claim to care about.

But something tells me this gag order won’t stop Trump from being Trump. He has firmly attested to his innocence and he will most likely continue to say so. He is a fighter and he won’t allow the crooked schemes of the left stop him from running for president.

Key Takeaways:

  • The judge over the Trump indictment has hit him with a gag order.
  • Trump is not allowed to talk about the evidence of the case on social media.
  • This comes as a new poll has Joe Biden losing to Trump by seven points.

Source: The Post Millennial

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