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California “Task Force” Approves Major Reparations – Black Residents Cleared to Get Handouts of as Much As $1.2M

What’s Happening:

The state of California has decided to approve reparations for black residents. What are reparations, exactly? According to Fox News, reparations are “monetary compensation for slavery.”

But if the problem was about arguing for reparations in the first place, another problem is their cost. The maximum amount of money each individual will receive is enough to make anyone rich.

From The Daily Wire:

Black California residents could receive up to $1.2 million based on how many years they have lived in the state after its official reparation task force approved recommendations on Saturday to issue a formal reparative monetary apology.

The nine-member panel, which became the first task force in the United States to form in September 2020, advanced the plan recommendations in Oakland, California. The draft includes calculated dollar figures based on categories ranging from mass incarceration, housing discrimination, and other alleged injustices.

You know what I think reparations sound like? Bribery. Buying more Democrat votes and a new form of welfare to keep black people dependent on the system. They want to give handouts to people they see as unequal, rather than to those who have a real need for financial assistance.

That’s extremely condescending, especially considering how ex-slaves managed to be prosperous without reparations. They had strong families and built their own businesses when discrimination kept them out of sharing spaces with white people.

Like anyone else, their working hard for their wealth built character. Slavery did not stop them or their descendants from being successful in life. Today, there are several black-owned businesses and black-only schools.

And not all black residents are descendants of slaves. Some are descended from immigrants whose people did not experience slavery in the United States and may have even owned slaves themselves. As civil rights activist Bob Woodson pointed out, it’s not a matter of “white people are the oppressor and black people the oppressed.”

So it’s interesting that most Americans, including black Americans, would agree that they are not personally responsible for what their ancestors did. Because likewise, they cannot be victims of injustices that happened to their ancestors over a century ago, much less to other people in their communities.

I’d say this type of compensation has bogus criteria. What about people getting back the tax dollars the government steals from them and then frivolously wastes? If the legal system is wrong even after the abolition of slavery, then many people experience injustices – not just black residents.

Key Takeaways

  • California reparations task force approves giving up to $1.2 to black residents.
  • They state the dollar figures are calculated based on mass incarceration and other injustices black communities face from the War on Drugs.
  • The reparations exceed the state’s budget.


Source: The Daily Wire, Fox News

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