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Biden’s Air Force Sends Out Stunning “Pride” Message – And Americans Will Not Believe Their Eyes

What’s Happening:

Ever since Joe Biden entered office, we’ve seen the Pentagon drop lower and lower. The last thing the department seems to care about is protecting Americans. Instead, Biden crammed its leadership full of “woke” Democrats who care more about virtue signaling than defending our homeland.

But we’d never think we’d see this from the Air Force.

Enrollment is down. Many would-be warriors are refusing to sign up with the Armed Forces. Military leadership seems to be putting preferred pronouns over training soldiers. And then the Air Force posted this shocking image online.

From The Post Millennial:

As Pride month is underway, the United States Air Force on Wednesday tweeted an image of a soldier saluting the LGBTQI+ flag.

“June is Pride Month! The Department of the Air Force proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ service members and their contributions to our Air Force & Space Force,” the tweet stated.


Yes, you read that right. The Air Force posted an image of a soldier saluting–not the American Flag–but the latest version of the left’s gay pride flag. Isn’t that some form of treason? Our service members are supposed to serve our nation.

The only flag they should be saluting is Old Glory. But Biden’s Pentagon is so morally bankrupt that they didn’t even realize how insulting and un-American this is. I’m not a legal expert, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be illegal.

At a time when the gay and transgender movement has become more hostile to traditional values, the Air Force pulls this stunt. Would the left mind a soldier saluting the Christian Flag? Of course, not. So, why is okay for this image of a soldier saluting what amounts to a religious symbol for many gay and transgender activists?

If I was a betting man, I’d say there are groups contemplating a lawsuit over this. That might sound like an overreaction, but our Armed Forces are supposed to be dedicated to this country. Not to a political cause or movement.

I’m shocked that neither Biden nor anyone else in the Pentagon realize that. I’m sure they hired a woke “advisor” to come up with this image.

Patriots need to stand up and make their voices heard. If they stay silent, government-funded displays like this will continue.

Key Takeaways:

  • The U.S. Air Force posted an image of a soldier saluting the gay pride flag.
  • Since Biden, the Pentagon has prioritized propping up leftist politics.
  • Young Americas are declining to join the Armed Forces, over woke politics.

Source: The Post Millennial

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