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“Makes you feel stupid for going to work”: Tucker Carlson Responds To Karine’s Absurd Statement: “Imagine saying that”

Tucker Carlson responded to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre absurdly referring to herself as a “historic figure” after barely serving one year in her role and being one of the worst to ever do it.

The press secretary’s comments were made during an interview on The Grio. She said:

“A year in this role, there’s been a couple of things that have made me incredibly proud. Many things have made me incredibly proud to be at that podium during this historic month.

“This is a historic administration.

“I’m a historic figure and I certainly walk in history every day.

“But this is also a historic making administration because of this president.

“Like so many in the LGBTQ community coming out wasn’t an easy thing to do.

“My family was traditional and conservative; being gay in my family wasn’t something that you mention out loud or celebrated.

“The beauty of America is its freedoms, and the promise that you can achieve your dreams, no matter your race, sex, country of origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”

“It’s not lost on me, the communities that I represent and what I mean to those communities and how they view me at the podium and how important it is to them.

“I’m representing the Black community, the Caribbean community, the LGBTQ community.

“And it is incredibly important to me that I do that well.”

Enter Tucker Carlson who said:

“Imagine saying that.

“I’m a historic figure. Imagine saying that but she does.

“She says it in a burst of sincere congratulations marked by her signature bad grammar.

“Illiterate, but proud.

“Of course, she’s proud. Karine Jean-Pierre is now a historic figure.

Just like Hunter Biden is now an important artist.

“Makes you feel stupid for going to work.”

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