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After DOJ Tries to Give Texas a Direct Order – Governor Abbott Sends Back a Brutal Response

What’s Happening:

Despite what Joe Biden and Democrats think, states in this country have federally protected rights. The U.S. government can’t rule with an iron hand like Biden wants. Biden has been allowed to run wild with his executive pen and get away with too many abuses against states.

One of the most important duties of the president is to protect the country from outside invaders. Biden has failed in this duty and thinks he can let anyone he wants into the country. Once here, Biden turns them loose to do whatever they want with many of them turning to crime

State leaders are fed up with Biden and are fighting back to protect the people who live and work in their states. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) took matters into his own hands when he put up a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River to slow the illegal immigrants overrunning the border.

Apparently, the barrier is working because Biden ordered Abbott to stop and sent his Department of Justice attack dogs after the governor. In true Texas fashion, Abbott told the regime leader just what he could do with such and order.

“Texas will see the Biden Administration in court to aggressively defend our sovereign authority to secure the border.”

That wasn’t the “bow down and do as I say” response the White House wanted. Biden went full throttle with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to rally public opinion against Texas.

From The Daily Wire:

“What you see the governor doing is dangerous and unlawful, and it’s actually hurting the process,” Jean-Pierre claimed on Monday. “Instead of coming to the table and trying to figure out a way to work together, he continues to do this really cruel, unjust, inhumane ways of moving forward.”

What a whiner. A governor takes action to secure the border and Biden’s minions can’t stand success that they didn’t approve. Keep in mind that Abbott previously complained directly to Biden in a letter about the border problem. Biden ignored him.

This isn’t the first time Abbott has defied Biden’s policies. Abbott has repeatedly sent illegal immigrants on buses to new locations in sanctuary cities across the country.

Don’t expect Texas to back down. Abbott is determined to keep the border barrier in place and fight Biden’s heavy-handed acts against the state. Abbott is prepared to take on the DOJ in federal district court in Texas.

From The Daily Wire:

“If we lose there, we will be going to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and eventually all the way to the United States Supreme Court, because Texas is defending its sovereignty and its constitutional right to secure the border of our state in our country,” he added.

The reality is, as Abbott tweeted, “Biden’s open border policies created this humanitarian disaster.” Texas is trying to correct a failed administration and protect citizens.

The U.S. government under Biden continues to challenge any action from citizens or states trying to defend this country. Biden’s administration wants to give away everything that belongs to U.S. citizens while he appeases foreigners while taxing Americans to pay for his failed policies.

We hope Abbott and Texas win this battle and lead the way for how other states can act in defensive against the federal government.

Key Takeaways:

  • President Biden sends DOJ to sue Texas over border barrier.
  • Abbott tells Joe that Texas will fight to the highest court.
  • Biden legal actions highlight fight for state sovereignty.

Source: The Daily Wire

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