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Triggered Democrat Leader Suddenly Lands in Hospital – You Won’t Believe the Woke Reason Why

In recent years, we’ve seen how Democrats struggled to run their cities. Many reports have revealed how major U.S. cities are crumbling, thanks to extreme, progressive policies. Crime is on the rise, homelessness is out of control, and people are fleeing.

But there is one crisis that seems to be worse than all the others. And it is one that many consider to be the easiest to solve.

In the blue city of Chicago, the recently-elected mayor has failed to properly deal with this problem. Some residents are even suing his administration over his decisions. But now, it looks like the pressure of leading has sent him to the hospital.

From The Post Millennial:
Two Chicago journalists reported that Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has become so “stressed out” that he was hospitalized for panic attacks. John Kass and Anita Padilla broke the news on WGN-AM’s Chicago Way Podcast on January 16, saying that Johnson needed medical help due to increasing stress.

They were talking about the illegal immigrant problem on air when Kass said “No amount of anti-depressants can cure him of this problem.”…

“…told me, two sources told me that he has been in the hospital for these panic attacks. And he is stressed out because this is a big, big job for him.”

According to two Chicago reporters, Mayor Brandon Johnson has been hospitalized over panic attacks associated with the migrant crisis. Chicago, like New York and other cities, has been receiving migrants bused up from the Southern border.

Some of these cities now have over 100,000 migrants—who require housing, food, clothing, and other accommodations. According to reports, few of these migrants are willing to take the jobs offered them, despite being the reason Democrats claimed they jumped the border.

Mayor Johnson, like other Democrat mayors, has called for the federal government to provide more tax dollars to address the situation. Like other Democrats, Johnson has refused to deport illegal aliens, nor has he called for President Biden to close the border.

The stress of not doing his job seems to have put Johnson in the hospital. Johnson took over as mayor after voters rejected former Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Lightfoot was dragged for Chicago’s crime explosion. However, it does not appear as if she had to be hospitalized for panic attacks.

This news does not make Johnson sound fit for the job—a common problem among elected Democrats. Perhaps Chicago voters need to recall him and find someone else.

Source: The Post Millennial

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