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James Woods Wins Over Critic With “Beautiful” Statement About Friend Penny Marshall: “I can’t stand you but that was beautiful, thank you for sharing it”

Sharing is caring! Hollywood legend James Woods won over a critic today when he posted a beautiful statement about his good friend Penny Marshall. Woods said: “I noticed Penny Marshall trending today. Though not sure why, I’ll take any opportunity to reminisce about one of my favorite friends and directors. …

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British Intelligence Expressed Skepticism Over FBI’s Russia Collusion Hoax, Prompting Them to Cease Their Cooperation: Durham Report …But Critics Are Not So Sure

In a recent development surrounding the investigation into alleged ties between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia in 2016, evidence made public in Special Counsel John Durham’s report has revealed that British intelligence expressed profound skepticism about the FBI’s investigation. The report discloses that British intelligence found the probe so …

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Critics Accuse Democrat Stacey Plaskett of “Dereliction of Duty” After She was Caught Using Phones During Weaponization of Government Hearing (VIDEO)

“So-called Delegate” Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat serving on the House Committee on Weaponization of Government, has come under scrutiny after she was caught using her phones during a crucial committee hearing. Critics argue that Plaskett’s behavior is indicative of a “dereliction of duty” and raises questions about her commitment to …

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Former Deputy National Security Advisor Claims FBI, CIA, and DOJ Will Rig 2024 Presidential Election After Successfully Rigging 2016 and 2020 Elections (VIDEO)

Former deputy national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, K. T. McFarland, joined Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street on Friday to discuss the Durham Report and others. In a stunning allegation, McFarland said that the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA are planning to rig the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election. …

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Speaker McCarthy Says FBI Is Ready to Turn Over Damning Document Alleging Criminal Bribery Scheme Involving Joe Biden – Then FBI Tells Him to Pound Sand

On Friday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) wrote the FBI demanding they turn over a document alleging a bribery scheme involving then Vice President Joe Biden. The document in question is not classified.   Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Sunday said the FBI is poised to turn the damning …

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Jake Tapper Grills NatSec Advisor Jake Sullivan on Pentagon’s $3 Billion “Accounting Error” Over Ukraine Aid (VIDEO)

CNN host Jake Tapper grilled National Security Advisor on the Pentagon’s so-called “accounting error” over the Ukraine aid. According to Reuters, the Pentagon “overestimated the value of the weapons it has sent to Ukraine by at least $3 billion.” The Pentagon claims the “accounting error” will allow the Defense Department to …

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