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Biden Caught Using TikTok Stars For Propaganda – But Trolls Make A Mockery Of Their Work On Video

Joe Biden and his failed administration have yet to cop to the many mistakes they’ve made. Instead of admitting where they went wrong—and making changes—they are doing their best to play the blame game. What are they doing to address runaway inflation, rising gas prices, and an overall struggling economy? Getting TikTok stars to spread propaganda.

I kid you not. Biden’s White House enlisted the help of children who are popular on a social app to spread the lie that Putin is to blame for inflation. Despite the fact that prices have been rising for over a year.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration tapped teenage TikTok influencers last week to coordinate messaging on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and blame Vladimir Putin for rising gas prices, according to a recording of a call between White House officials and the social media stars.

Someone needs to tell Jen Psaki that most of the children who follow these “influencers”… are too young to vote. They had these users claim it was Putin’s fault for record-high inflation in the U.S. Already this ploy is failing.

From Twitter:

The White House thinks the voters are stupid.

As usual, everything Biden does turns to rot. In a desperate attempt to convince Americans that inflation is caused by Putin, the White House got TikTok users with large followings to spread this propaganda. For some reason, White House press secretary Jen Psaki and her team thought voters follow vapid children like Ellie Zeiler.

Don’t know who Ellie Zeiler is? Good for you, you’re an adult. Joe Biden’s “crack” team of propagandists were hoping these “stars” would spread this misinformation, so that voters would forget that prices have been increasing ever since he entered office. Things have gotten worse since the Russian invasion, yes, but let’s not kid ourselves. Biden’s failed, socialist agenda is to blame for all of it.

And thankfully we have people like Chrissy Clark out there to expose this sham and tell Americans the truth about why they are paying so much more at the gas pump.

You have to wonder why Psaki and the White House thought these children on social media were the right vehicle to spread these lies. Sure, they can’t count on CNN anymore—what with them suffering scandal after scandal. But the average age of a voter is 45. They are a married adult with kids. They are not spending time on TikTok, I can promise you.

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