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Biden Administration Goes After Your 1st Amendment – DHS Could Be Planning Federal Censorship Through “Disinformation” Board

Freedom of speech is the First Amendment in the Constitution. For most Americans, it’s the backbone of the country and absolutely cannot be infringed upon.

However, many claim they’ve seen attacks on this basic right in recent years. And they often blame the ruling party for those attacks.

Now It Appears A Form Of Federal Censorship Might Really Be In The Works.

Democrats and most of Washington have been defending their actions by saying they’re policing “disinformation.” Supposedly, it’s for the safety of the populace.

But many Americans just translate this as government overreach and censorship, and a direct assault on the Constitution.

So when they hear about a “Disinformation Board” that’s quietly going into effect in D.C., they’re likely to get nervous.

Via The Daily Wire:

Now President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is reportedly working to create a ‘disinformation governance board’ to counter what they determine to be false information relating to national security.

As first reported by Politico, the DHS is creating this board to deal with misinformation “focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.”

That leaves a lot of open room, as “irregular migration” isn’t specifically defined, and it opens the door to potentially more “misinformation boards.”

Many are reminded of the Hunter Biden laptop, which at the beginning was classified as “disinformation” by both the White House and the mainstream media.

It’s just one example of higher powers trying to clamp down on something they deem false, when in fact it turned out to be at least partially accurate. And it could continue to happen.

Democrats do appear to want the government to take a heavier hand in what citizens see and hear.

For instance, former President Barack Obama once said he supports “a combination of government regulations and corporate practices” to control the internet.

Said journalist Glenn Greenwald:

Please look at what is going here.

Democrats are defining whoever opposes them not as adversaries but as national security threats, fascist terrorists, etc. — all to justify blocking them from the internet using their influence with Silicon Valley.

The “disinformation board” is being assembled in the interest of national security.

But it’s the government that defines what falls under that umbrella, and many Americans see this as a very slippery slope:

If they don’t like you saying something, or the person saying it doesn’t have the proper government-approved credentials, that person can effectively be silenced (or worse, punished).

Censorship on a federal level isn’t allowed according to the Constitution.

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