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Donald Trump Just Went 55-0 This Year – Every Single Candidate Donald Backed In 2022 Has Won Their Primary Elections

President Donald Trump’s influence continues to stretch far and wide. Republican leaders aren’t underestimating the power of his support.

Trump-backed candidates often do well in elections, as evidenced by previous results. It shows just how much pull the former POTUS still has.

And This Year, He’s A Perfect 55-0.

This is in regards to the candidates he selected in two important states: Ohio and Indiana. Trump has now enjoyed a complete sweep in both states.

After the results came in from the critical primary elections, it turned out that all 22 candidates Trump selected had earned victories.

It shows just how much of an advantage it is to have Trump in your corner. Since he left the White House, many GOP hopefuls have sought Donald’s backing.

And now we understand why. Said former White House political director Brian Jack (via Breitbart):

What we saw in Texas earlier this year was confirmed yet again tonight: President Trump’s endorsement is the most important endorsement in politics.

His endorsed candidates are a combined 55-0 in 2022 primaries, a continuation of the historic endorsement streak of success that started during his time at The White House.

Candidate J.D. Vance got the win in the crowded Ohio Senate primary, and others also scored huge wins, perhaps partially due to Trump’s endorsement.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said that Vance “put in tremendous work and has immense political talent,” and that earned him the support of the 45th President.

Budowich added:

The power of President Trump’s endorsement is undeniable, his dominance over the Republican powerbrokers in D.C. cannot be overstated, and the promise of this MAGA Movement will not just define the Midterms, but it will win for years to come.

Another Trump-endorsed candidate, Max Miller, won the GOP nomination for the 7th Congressional District.

It’s doubly sweet for Republicans and Trump fans, because he defeated Rep. Anthony Gonzalez. Gonzalez was one of ten GOP members to voted to impeach Trump.

He then refused to resign after the fiasco — but now he’s leaving because Miller has been voted in.

Some Republicans worry that a Trump endorsement might actually hurt their chances, and a few have even said specifically they don’t want Donald’s “ok.”

However, the statistics so far are clear: if Trump backs you, you mathematically have a much better chance of winning.

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