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Virginia Governor Pushes A Bold New Ban- Following Supreme Court Decision, Youngkin Draws Line At 15 Weeks

When Glenn Youngkin won the Governor race in Virginia last year, it was considered to be quite the upset. But it proved that Republican and Conservative views were surging in the state.

Now, after the momentous Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Gov. Youngkin is sticking to his promises: he will continue to uphold his Conservative values.

That’s Why He’s Pushing For A Pro-Life Ban That Most Right-Wing Voters Will Applaud.

Since the historic SCOTUS ruling, 13 states had trigger laws go into effect. This included Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, and North and South Dakota, among others.

These trigger laws essentially banned abortion after a certain period of time; some are stricter than others, but they all take a hard-nosed stance against abortion, which is exactly what many of their residents wanted.

Some of those trigger laws have since run into legal hurdles, but that won’t stop politicos like Youngkin pushing for new bans.

In this case, Virginia’s new leader wants to enact a ban other states have already pushed through: It Would Disallow Any Abortions After 15 Weeks.

Gov. Youngkin went on CBS News’ Face the Nation and spoke in detail about his position, calling it “a remarkable moment” as well as an “opportunity.”

Think about it, this was a state… that just 18 months ago was talking about enabling abortion all the way up through and including birth.

And now we’re able to talk about a 15-week pain threshold bill where a baby feels pain. This is a remarkable moment for us.

And it’s an opportunity, I’m not going to let go.

GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin wouldn’t say if he would ever pursue a total ban on abortion, but has proposed a 15-week ban.

The Governor wants a bipartisan group of lawmakers to create the bill, but he hopes this 15-week “pain threshold bill” will ultimately go into effect.

Youngkin added that this is a chance for the entire nation to address the ongoing issue of life in the womb. With the abortion problem going back to the states, it’s obvious that some states will take radically different approaches.

The Virginia Republican has been true to his word since entering office, pushing right-wing ideals in an increasingly unstable country.

He has also tried to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools, saying at one point that “We Shouldn’t Play Privilege Bingo With Children.” This was roundly applauded by most of his constituency.

As for the abortion issue, that will continue to rage for some time and could likely affect future elections.

Then there’s the question of who should be eligible for these sorts of procedures. For example, California is taking strides to ensure that everyone – even illegal immigrants – can get abortions in their state.

However, at least now pro-life advocates know there are plenty of states on their side.

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