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After Democrat Stacey Abrams Outspends GOP Opponent – The Rematch Polls Show She Is Still Falling Far Behind

Stacey Abrams is once again running to turn Georgia into California. The far-left socialist is trying to take over the governorship of the Peach State.

And, much like other progressive candidates in other states, she is getting large sums of cash from outside donors.

But it doesn’t seem all that money is moving the needle in her direction.

From MSN:

A Cygnal poll commissioned by the Kemp campaign showed that, despite the fact that Abrams has enjoyed a significant spending advantage in the campaign, the governor had a 50-45 percent lead over Abrams as they prepare for a rematch of their 2018 race.

A new poll shows current Gov. Brian Kemp with a five-point lead over progressive socialist Stacey Abrams.

Abrams had raised a combined $22 million in May and June, with a combined $18.5 million in cash.

Kemp, in contrast, had raised $6.8 million in May and June and $6.4 million in cash.

There is no mystery when you keep in mind that Abrams enjoys the support of the DNC, the radical left, and big donors out of Hollywood (and parts beyond).

Democrats have targeted Georgia in recent years. They attacked the state for passing election integrity laws after the disaster that was the 2020 Election.

But even with this five-point lead, Kemp will have his work cut out for him. He, unlike many other GOP candidates, does not enjoy a Trump endorsement.

Plus, Abrams can benefit from plenty of election “irregularities” that were not addressed post-2020.

Democrats have long tried to take advantage of blue-leaning districts around Atlanta, which have seen an influx of newcomers over recent years.

Can Abrams flip this traditionally red state blue, thanks to cash from outside leftists?

Can Kemp hold off this onslaught of progressive socialism in the very heart of the South?

I guess we’ll find out in a few months.

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