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Donald Trump Hit With Eye-Opening Nuclear Threat – Democrat Ex-CIA Chief Says Nuclear Secret Leakers Should Be Executed

Democrats, as usual, have revealed their true colors in the wake of the FBI’s raid of Trump’s home. One liberal, a soap actress, even suggested they dig up Ivana Trump’s grave to find “secrets.”

But that’s not even the worst comment we’ve seen online, from “respected” Democrats. One liberal, obviously suffering from terminal TDS, approved of “executing” people who leak nuclear documents.

From Washington Examiner:

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden responded approvingly to a tweet talking about executions for those who spill nuclear secrets after it was reported that FBI agents were searching for classified documents related to nuclear weapons during their raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Here is some context for this pathetic Democrat’s ugly (and possibly Twitter rule-violating) comment.

The Washington Post claims, without evidence, that the FBI was after nuclear weapons documents from Trump’s home.

No further information has been given on this. What were these documents? What information could have been contained within them?

Were these documents even at Mar-a-Largo, despite the FBI’s suspicions? Not only that, but Trump himself said he did not have those documents and this is another hoax.

(Considering the FBI was at his home for 9 hours, denying oversight to what they were doing, we cannot be sure of what they will come out saying later.)

Despite all this, a former CIA director retweeted a sick comment about how Russian spies (who gave nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union) were executed in the 50s.

These deranged Democrats seem to be implying that Trump should be executed for having these alleged documents.

Keep in mind, that we don’t know if Trump had any such documents or even what information they contained.

There is absolutely zero evidence anything was “leaked” from Mar-a-Largo, especially since Trump had been cooperative with the federal government this whole time.

Yet that didn’t stop these sick people from fantasizing about the unlikely possibility that Trump would be executed.

You can decide what to think about the left.

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