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Hillary Clinton Shows Up to ‘Jews Against Coups’ – In Martha’s Vineyard, She Claims Democrats Have A Shot in 2022

What’s Happening:

Remember when people claimed Hillary Clinton was mounting a comeback? Yeah, that all fizzled after John Durham’s bombshell revelations reached the courts.

Instead of headlining major Democrat events, Clinton has now resigned to speaking before fringe groups. But even then, she is feeding them a narrative far from reality.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The failed presidential candidate was the guest of honor last month at a Martha’s Vineyard gathering hosted by the Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA), aka “Jews Against Coups,” […]

Clinton, who donned a bold pant-suit and jacket combo, discussed “the importance of electing Democrats with the strong support of Jewish voters” and “made clear that Democrats have a path to victory in November.” (Note: There is no evidence to support this claim.)

Clinton spoke at a “Jews Against Coups” gathering on Martha’s Vineyard.


The woman who used to charge $250,000 to speak before massive corporations and lobbyists was reduced to talking about Democrats’ slim chances of winning in November.

She “made clear” that the left had a path to win—but did not elaborate on what that path is.

Considering Americans are planning to hold Democrats accountable for Biden’s many failures, that path is narrow at best.

Clinton spoke to the Jewish Democratic Council of America, which claims to be the “only” group that combines “Jewish values” with the left’s agenda.

I guess that’s because many Jews are conservative and want nothing to do with liberals.

Not sure which “Jewish values” embrace big government, socialism, transgenderism, and aborting babies—but hey, at least they got to see Clinton talk.

Surprisingly missing from this event was a single mention of the nation of Israel. While most Jewish political groups talk extensively about supporting the homeland, these liberals didn’t seem to care.

I guess “Jewish values” don’t include protecting millions of Jews living in Israel from hostile forces that want to wipe them out?

In fact, Clinton and this group “discussed every issue but Israel,” which brought strong criticism from Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Perhaps this group needs to redefine their values—and ditch old Crooked Hillary.


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