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Labor Day Ruined By Democrat Double-Trouble

Today, Americans get a day off to “celebrate Labor Day—a day with ties to socialist-run unions. Joe Biden took the opportunity to claim he’s a friend to labor unions.

From Twitter :

The middle class built America, and unions built the middle class.

On Labor Day, we recognize the fight unions and workers across the country have endured to keep our economy moving and make our nation strong.

But is Joe really a friend to the middle class or unions—when he keeps the border open? Joe Biden’s policies certainly aren’t helping “keep our economy moving.”

From Daily Caller:

Research from Alignable shows that 40% of small businesses could not pay their rent in August, and the most affected sectors are agriculture, automotive, restaurants, and education…

These adverse economic conditions, coupled with the ongoing concerns regarding the stagnant supply chain, continue to fuel these headwinds for our country’s entrepreneurs, 63% of whom do not expect an increase in their revenues over the next year. Many anticipate needing to cut staff, leading to another challenge for the American worker.

Meanwhile, socialist-run states are making it even worse for workers, as they face blackouts at the end of Summer.

From Breitbart:

California faces a high risk rolling blackouts on Labor Day amid a heat wave and record levels of electricity demand that the grid cannot meet, thanks in part to a rush to renewable energy and the phasing out of fossil fuels and nuclear power in recent years.

Oh, boy, Joe sure does love the working American! He loved him so much, that Joe is crippling his employers and ruining his access to electricity!

Biden claimed he supported the middle class and labor unions on Labor Day. But his policies have left the economy in shambles.

This administration shut down American energy independence. That hurt all the workers in that industry–and every other business that relies on cheap energy costs.

Not only that, but small businesses (the lifeblood of our country) are faltering. A shocking 40% of small businesses couldn’t pay their rent in August.

A whopping 77% of them believe crises like the supply chain and inflation will continue.

This, apparently, is how Joe thanks union workers and small businesses. By cutting off their ability to earn a living.

Meanwhile, he makes radical speeches demonizing his rivals–thinking this will save his party’s skin in the midterms.

All this means is that Biden’s all talk, no action. Companies big and small are suffering. Workers, be they white collar or blue, cannot put food on the table.

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