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Oprah Winfrey Goes “Frighteningly” Political – She Just Got Desperate for Her Buddy Stacey Abrams

What’s Happening:

Once upon a time, Oprah was beloved by millions because of her journalistic ability and winning personality. But it seems in the years since she stepped away from her daytime show, Oprah has lost some of her magic.

The iconic celebrity has veered into the political mire, much more than she used to. This time, she’s not propping up a one-trick pony like Barack Obama. In fact, she is advocating for one of the worst candidates to run as a Democrat in years.

And Oprah is making a wild claim if she isn’t elected.

From Fox News:

Oprah Winfrey hosted a virtual campaign event for Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Thursday night…

Abrams, 49, never officially conceded the election, which she claimed was “stolen” from her due to alleged discriminatory election practices and voter suppression…

Winfrey added, “It’s really frightening. I know you’re not the kind of woman who gets frightened. You don’t live in a fear space. But aren’t you deeply concerned that there is this lethargy?”

Oprah burned through whatever credibility she has left by hosting a “virtual” campaign event for losing Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

A virtual event Oprah? Can’t be bothered to fly down to Georgia to show up in person?

The woman literally said she was “frightened” over the prospect of Abrams not winning. She complained about voter “lethargy.”

You’d think if she was really all that concerned, she could bother showing up in the state! What, is she on house arrest or something?

Abrams is losing to Brain Kemp, for much the same reason she lost in 2018. The radical Democrat’s plans for Georgia are not impressing voters.

Recently, Abrams tanked her campaign by advocating radical abortion views. She claimed doctors “add” the heartbeat sound to ultrasounds.

She denied basic medical science by saying nobody knows when a pregnancy begins.

And she even said the most insane thing we’ve heard in years, that abortions can help with the inflation problem.

Why on earth is a woman like Oprah really helping Abrams? I know Oprah is a Democrat, and black, but give me a break.

Abrams is a terrible candidate with terrible ideas. Oprah should just stick to shilling books to moms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oprah hosted a “virtual” campaign event for Stacey Abrams.
  • The TV host claimed it was “frightening” if Abrams didn’t win the election.
  • Abrams is a socialist who is advocating for abortion on demand.

Source: Fox News

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