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Lauren Boebert Sets Her Critics Straight: “The Left is pissed I won my election, so they’re trying to find something to go after me about”

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) fired back at the media and her critics on the left who are trying to blame her for the tragic shooting at the Club Q nightclub in Colorado Springs. She said:

“I have been accused of just about every mass shooting there has been since the Left has learned of my name. Whether it’s Uvalde, or the King Soopers shooting in Boulder, Colorado, or the Buffalo, New York shooting. Or even Paul Pelosi getting hammered.

“I have been blamed for all of that. I think the Left is pissed I won my election. And so they’re trying to find something to go after me about. I expressed my concern for the family, for the victims. And the way that they came after me is absolutely disgusting.”

Boebert also took To Twitter to set the record straight on what the GOP should do when they take back power in the House:

“Did you know the Speaker can enforce Single Subject Legislation on day one?

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