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Rand Paul Calls Biden On The Carpet – He Accuses The President’s Latest Gaffes Of Becoming A ‘National Security Risk’

In this age of Biden, it’s up to real leadership to step up and hold the country together. We need Republican lawmakers to take a stand and hold Biden accountable. Sadly, not enough Republicans in Congress are doing that. But there are a brave few who look the D.C. swamp in the eye and expose … Read more

Biden Launches New Border Security Rule – But It’s Only Going To Make The Southern Border Less Safe

The media would love nothing more than for you to forget that silly border crisis. Over last year, 2 million migrants bombarded our border. Biden’s DHS ignored our laws, letting in countless strangers. Biden even used COVID money to house these migrants and bus them all over the country. And it looks like it’s getting … Read more

President Biden Suffers Triple Europe Meltdown – Joe’s Claims Just Fell Apart On Sanctions Travel And Troops In Ukraine

We’ve covered Joe Biden’s failures from the very beginning of his administration. Biden’s policies have failed to help the United States. But his comments and speeches have left Americans confused and troubled. It is no different during the Ukraine crisis. Biden finally flew to Europe to address Russia’s invasion. But it went over as well … Read more

CNN Confesses Major Southern Border Problem – They Are Predicting A ‘Record-Breaking’ New Wave

It won’t come as a surprise to you to learn that liberal news networks like CNN hardly report on the facts. Most of the time, they serve as cheerleaders for the left. While Trump was in office, they constantly spread slander and negative coverage. Since Joe’s entered the White House, CNN has bent over backward … Read more

After Biden Makes Globe-Shaking Mistake In Speech – Many Openly Consider Activating The 25th Amendment

We’ve seen Biden stumble and fall through speeches for a while now. The evidence that this man’s unfit to lead keeps piling up. But he made his biggest blunder yet when the stakes couldn’t be higher. While overseas, addressing the war in Ukraine, Biden said something that put everyone on edge. From Reuters: The Kremlin … Read more

Feds Go After NY Official’s Campaign Advisers – Federal Probe Targets Alleged Funneling Of Donation Funds

In the world of politics and big business, corruption is unfortunately common. There are frequent investigations involving fraudulent donations, quid pro quo schemes, and other underhanded activities. And when politicians have high-powered executives as friends, there’s even more potential for wrongdoing. That’s why federal investigators have opened a probe into former campaign advisers for a … Read more

Federal Judge Sends Trump Opponents Spinning – He Just Considered The Former President’s Prospects Of Another Term

Democrats are still trying to take down Donald Trump. You might not believe it, but there are some of them still mounting campaigns against 45—even though they’ve only lost in the past. There were two impeachments. Endless negative stories (most of which were based on distorted information or “anonymous sources”). And let’s not forget how … Read more

Biden’s Foundation For Beau Is Under Heavy Scrutiny – Report Claims It Raised Millions But Spends Very Little On Its Mission

Joe Biden has long used his personal tragedies to further his aspirations. His wife’s battles with cancer gave Joe the great idea to start a group that raised money to end the disease (spoiler: cancer hasn’t been eradicated yet). Perhaps worse than that, is what Joe did after the death of his son, Beau. He … Read more

Jim Jordan Goes After Biden Over Concerning Speech – He Says Joe’s “War-Triggering Words” Are Very Dangerous

Many people are weighing in on Biden’s disastrous remarks in Poland. His visit was worse than Kamala’s from a week earlier. All she did was embarrass herself over her inability to answer questions. Biden, on the other hand, made a comment that suggests he’s calling for the removal of Putin from power. Even a former … Read more

President Biden’s Approval Takes Another Swing – His Ratings Just Reached The Lowest Point Of His Presidency At 40%

By now, you are probably used to hearing about Joe Biden’s approval ratings. But for some odd reason, it hasn’t been sinking in for old Joe himself. Since August of last year, his approval has been tanking. Americans have been making their opinion on the man loud and clear. Yet his crooked administration has done … Read more