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Biden’s 2022 Election “Paydown” Slips Out – “As Soon As This Weekend,” Joe Considers Canceling $10K In Student Debt

We all know that Joe Biden is dragging down his party. Not that they are doing much to help. The failed policies of the left will likely result in big losses for the 2022 midterms. But Joe has a plan. Instead of fixing the many crises he created, he is hoping to bribe college graduates. … Read more

After Giants Coach Vows To Boycott National Anthem – Legendary Baseball Manager La Russa Says, “I’ll Never Not Stand Up”

Following the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, the protesting once again erupted across the country. Democrats quickly blamed the incident on lack of gun control, and seek to clamp down harder on the Second Amendment. At the same time, most Republicans say the answer doesn’t involve taking away our personal freedoms. It has become yet another … Read more

Biden’s Visit To Texas Is Out Of Control – Report Claims Joe Uninvited Most Border Patrol Agents Gets Booed

Americans are still reeling over the horrific massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Democrats, for their part, have not abandoned their political use of the tragedy. After promoting gun control propaganda, Joe Biden decided to pay a visit to the town. That could have been the turning point in his presidency, when he brought the country together … Read more

The Liberal Plan To Paralyze The Supreme Court Is Slipping Through The Cracks — On June 13th, Liberals Lay Out A Plan To Blockade Washington And The Court

Radical abortion activists have been enraged since a Supreme Court draft was released to the public. They have broken federal law by harassing the court in order for it to vote in the mob’s favor. (Not that Joe Biden is looking into these heinous crimes.) However, it has been reported that the protests have had … Read more

Ted Cruz Launches 2nd Amendment Crusade – The Senator Says Texas Tragedy Shouldn’t Force America To Give Up Its Rights

The internet surged with anti-Second Amendment protests within hours after the horrific Uvalde, Texas tragedy. Those who embrace the Constitution, of course, rushed to defend 2A. Since then, the struggle has raged on, with Democratic leaders demanding stronger gun control and harsher laws. Most right-wing politicians and voters fear that more personal freedoms will be … Read more

Biden Signs Concerning Police Executive Order – Republican Tim Scott Accuses Joe Of Using Some Of His Filibustered Reforms

In light of the recent tragedies, Democrats have been trying to rush out anything to make it look like they are in charge. Schumer had to scrap a gun control voting, refusing to cooperate with Senate Republicans. But Joe Biden was quick to sign an executive order against police departments. Not sure what this will … Read more

Chuck Schumer Waves White Flag In The Senate – The Majority Leader Admits He Doesn’t Have Votes To Push Democrat Gun Control

Immediately after news of the Uvalde shooting hit, Democrats pushed politics. They used the tragic event to demand radical changes to our Second Amendment rights. Using at times of high emotion, Democrats do their most damage. They convince lawmakers to rush through bills before anyone can ask questions. Schumer was about to do that, given … Read more

Obama And Biden Sent Spinning By New Trump Evidence – Docs Show They Conducted Shadow Diplomacy With Iran

We know one of Biden’s failures is on foreign policy. This poor excuse of a leader has failed in Afghanistan and Ukraine. With the worst, perhaps, to come. But now, we are learning his meddling in world affairs has been going on for a long time. He and his old buddy, Obama, were trying to … Read more

Swing State 2022 Election Alert: 5 GOP Governor Candidates Kicked Off Their Own Primary Ballot In The State Of Michigan

We know that the upcoming midterms are crucial for our country. And that Democrats are facing crushing defeats. So, instead of trying to win back voters, they are pulling any trick they can to get an upper hand. In one swing state, a small board is blocking 5 Republicans from appearing on their own party’s … Read more

Hours After Pelosi’s Husband Gets Arrested – Nancy’s Office Responds By Claiming She Was “On The East Coast” During His DUI

Something embarrassing happened to the Pelosi family over the weekend. House Speaker Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was arrested on DUI charges. From ABC 7: Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old husband of U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was arrested this weekend on suspicion of DUI in Northern California, police records showed Sunday. Paul Pelosi was taken … Read more